Other Stuff Gallery
Other random pictures of chain mail, tools or just about anything that doesn't go in another gallery.

Ring Closures at 40x
August 22 2014
Ribbon Maille
Images of ring closures, cut with different tools, taken through a scientific microscope.
Ribbon Maille
January 20th 2013
Ribbon Maille
Some ribbon maille I made.
PVC Maille
June 25th 2013
PVC Gauntlet
PVC Maille, no metal here.
A few Harvest Moon chains
January 20th 2013
Harvest Moon Variant
These are a sort of doubled Harvest Moon variant.
Miscellaneous chains
January 20th 2013
Miscellaneous Chains.
Sweet Pea Chains
Three different sweet pea chains.
Cherry Wood Winding Jig
June 25th 2013
Cherry Wood Jig
A winding jig for making ring coils.