Harvest Moon Variants
A few variations of


4 in 2 Captivated 4 in 2

Harvest Moon.

In trying to make a chain that was strong, redundant, flexible, smooth on the hands and yet still able to be held on to. This is what I came up with. I didn't know what I had made at first so I named it LHTx for Ladder Helm Twist x designating the ring count, turns out I was off on a few of the descriptors.

While it shares some traits of 4-2C4-2 it isn't a match for it either. Turns out the best match is Harvest Moon based on the structure. I had looked at HM but the build method for normal HM is way different from how I was building this doubled variant, leading me to think I was making something different. In the end it's a doubled Harvest Moon variation that I quite like.

It's an interesting weave in that it's redundant and can survive a few failed rings. The use of EPMD rings can allow for some neat structural uses. The large stainless steel chain has a near perfect AR match between the two ring sizes. If matched properly all four linking rings will distribute the pressure between each other. If the rings are less evenly matched only two rings will be taking the pressures but at least if those two fail the other two outer rings will keep the chain together. Keep in mind the chain will get a pinch longer when rings fail and what ever stresses broke the two inner rings are likely to break the remaining two outer rings.