Magnified Ring Closures
Various Aluminum Rings. The Tools Saw cut ring. Pinch cut ring. Pinch cut ring. Pinch cut ring. Pinch cut ring. Saw cut ring. Score and break ring. Saw cut ring, again. Saw cut ring, again, even bigger. One of the most often debated points in chainmaille community is the quality vs cost difference between saw cut rings and pinch cut rings.

Being the inquisitive guy I am, I wanted to "see" the difference first hand. So I pulled out the microscope (No, not my Steampunk Microscope, a real scientific microscope.), cut some aluminum rings using a bunch of different cutting tools, closed the rings and took some pictures of each one through the microscope.

The images are commented and they pretty much speak for themselves.

Here are bunch of photos, a bit messy but you can move them around by clicking and dragging them, click on one for a larger view, you can then move from image to image by clicking on the sides of the image. If you can't click to the side, you may be at the begining or end of the gallery, try clicking the otherside of the image. If you can't drag an image around, it probably means you're still using an old version of Internet Explorer... get a new browser such as Chrome or Firefox and come back when you're done. Also of note, sadly this gallery does not currently work properly with touch devices, I'm working on it.