Shaggy Candle Skirts
These little votive candle skirts are made from 165 rings (ID 0.250 WD 0.65 AR 3.8), with 15 small stainless steel scales. I've built 3 versions of it so far to accomodate for AR changes. The cost per skirt is less than two bucks.

I made the first ones last year in the middle of December are more tubular than v1.3 (shown to the right), both v1.2 and v1.3 have extra shag rings to tighten the weave as the AR changed. The first set was built using aluminum rings (ID 0.245 WD 0.65 AR 3.75) which worked fine but that's not a common ID (homemade rings).

In an attempt to get to a closer common size I remade them using slightly larger galvanized steel rings (ID 0.0250 WD 0.65 AR 3.8), v1.2 was a bit too tight, you could barely insert the candle or get it out. v1.3 worked out quite well using these rings.

These are a perfect example of how a very minor change in AR (0.05 in this case), can make or break a weave. When the candle is inserted into the skirt the scales get pushed out at the base and raise up a bit. If the skirt is too big it won't cause the scales to raise

I posted a thread about them over here. The rough instructions on how to build them are posted in the thread.

You can also check out the article I wrote about building one over at M.A.I.L..

Here are bunch of photos, a bit messy but you can move them around by clicking and dragging them, click on one for a larger view, you can then move from image to image by clicking on the sides of the image. If you can't click to the side, you may be at the begining or end of the gallery, try clicking the otherside of the image. If you can't drag an image around, it probably means you're still using an old version of Internet Explorer... get a new browser such as Chrome or Firefox and come back when you're done. Also of note, sadly this gallery does not currently work properly with touch devices, I'm working on it.