Blender Maille
Ah, the digital world we live in. You don't need real rings to weave chainmail, you can do it on your computer.

Blender is a 3D animation program with some very impressive features given it's price. Oh, it's free by the way.

I didn't know much (probably still don't) about CAD or animation software but with a few tutorials and a bunch of practice I was able to build maille sheets or chains in Blender, then run physics simulations on them. I also created a Blender script that would weave a virtual sheet of E6-1 based on an image.

Here's a little 10 frame sample of a physics simulation, run on a sheet of J4-1 that hits a rod. It's a looping GIF, sorry.

Sheet of J4-1 hitting a rod

As it turns out, Blender does a pretty good job at simulating chain mail in a real way.

You can read the thread that got me into the idea over at M.A.I.L.

If you read that thread you will have noticed that I wrote an article, How to Make Chainmaille in Blender which as you probably guessed is about making virtual maille in Blender. It's a long one, even for me but at the end you should be able to make a pile of common weaves.

I found it easier to assemble and learn a few tricky weaves by making them in Blender, so I could then pan and rotate around them to see the ring interactions. Image based tutorials are fine but you can't adjust the camera angle to see it from the otherside, you can with Blender.
Here are bunch of photos, a bit messy but you can move them around by clicking and dragging them, click on one for a larger view, you can then move from image to image by clicking on the sides of the image. If you can't click to the side, you may be at the begining or end of the gallery, try clicking the otherside of the image. If you can't drag an image around, it probably means you're still using an old version of Internet Explorer... get a new browser such as Chrome or Firefox and come back when you're done. Also of note, sadly this gallery does not currently work properly with touch devices, I'm working on it.