The Chain Mail Gallery
Welcome to the Lost Senses Designs chain mail gallery. Items are currently organized into galleries according to the material used to create them, many items are made from a mix of materials so you may from time to time find the same item shown in more than one gallery.

Almost all images are taken using my poor old iPhone 3GS in generally poor lighting conditions by someone who drinks too much coffee and knows little to nothing about photography, you've been warned. I'm working towards getting a better photo setup in place but until then these will have to do.

Stainless Steel Gallery
I really enjoy working with SS it's tough, scratch resistant and looks the same day after day.
Titanium Gallery
Titanium is a neat metal. As strong as steel but quite a bit lighter.
Niobium Gallery
Niobium is a softer metal but it's dense and has a distinctive sound when dropped.
Bright Aluminum
Bright Aluminum is a nice design medium. It's cheaper than most other metals, very light and easy to work with.
EPMD Rubber Gallery
EPMD or rubber rings add a whole other dimension to what can be done with chain maille. Stretchy maille is so much fun.
Copper Gallery
Copper has been used for centuries through out civilization. Copper is very soft and easy to work with.
Sterling Silver Gallery
Sterling Silver is soft and heavy, real silver even more so. Sterling Silver is very nice to work with.
Costume Jewelery Gallery
These items are made from gold or silver plated rings.
Mild Steel Gallery
Mild Steel is the classic steel that most armour would have been made from. It's cheap, strong and rusts quickly.
This is just a place for items that don't currently have a home.