While I may have myself to thank for the content and site design there are many other folks that deserve a big thank you for enabling me to get everything here.

First and foremost, my wife and kids for putting up with my strange endeavours and the messes that ensue when I undertake one. They remain supportive even in-spite of randomly getting struck by a high velocity jump rings when I slip and a ring flings across the room or not being able to walk through the garage due to meters upon meters of un-spooled wire filling most of the space, my endless "Hey, look at this" requests and for giving me the time to finish a chain when needed or work on this site.
I love you guys. XO

Secondly, everyone else that put effort into one of the below mentioned sites. Thank you for sharing.
Sites that helped me learn about chainmail.
Too many other sites to recall but as I re-find them I will re-list them. Search engines are your friend, remember "chain mail" and "chainmail" are not always the same result. Also of note, "mail" is also known as "maille" so searching for "chainmaille" may help you find more examples.
Where do I get my jump rings?
  • I make them myself, there are certainly pros and cons to making your own. I hope to cover the processes in an article sometime soon.
  • great selection of rings, scales and just about anything else you could need to make chainmail.
  • A local craft store here in town that sells some nice rings made by that I've used in all my bright aluminium and enameld copper pieces.
Software used to create the site
All of these excellent pieces of software are open-source or freely distributed. Kudos to anyone that takes the huge amounts of time it takes to write software to then turn around and provide it to the rest of us for free. Thank You.
  • Notepad++ I can not phathom going back to a plain text editor.
  • Gimp This is a great image manipulation program.
  • InkScape Nice little vector image program, great for creating base objects or typesetting.
  • FileZilla This is how FTP transfer should be done.
  • FireBug The only add-on for Firefox that I run. Site development is so much easier thanks to it.
HTML, CSS, PHP tutorials that helped me build the site into what it is now