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Hello and welcome, please take a look around.

Time flys, having fun or not... Been too busy coding to do anything around here lately but the laundry list is getting longer and longer.

While not maille related it was a fun project anyway. I learned a bit of THREE.JS and built a 3D periodic table of elements. You can check it out over here.

I'm renovating again... I've added another image viewer for galleries you can check it out here. I'm working on redoing as many photos as I can along with providing more details about the items and weaves used but that's going to take a while.

I also want to get something up about my foundry, yeah a foundry for melting metal. It's been lots of fun, I'll get some details up soon.

If you're new to chainmaille, I'd recommend giving the Information page a read, it's filled with all sorts of info on making and understanding chainmaille.

Looking for some inspiration, take a browse through my Chainmail Gallery.
Steampunk Microscope The M.A.I.L. Artisans, Contest 29, Themed "Steampunk" came up and I figured I'd make an entry. Here it is my working Steampunk Microscope.
Magnified Ring Closure Rings cut with 6 different tools and what they look like up close.
Virtual Mail
You can make virtual chainmail using Blender. Check it out.
Candle Skirt
I first made these candle skirts last year, I've since revised them a bit along with writting an article on how to make them.

Harvest Moon Variant
These are a sort of doubled Harvest Moon variant.
Chainmaille face mask
It's a stretchy chain mail face mask. This is my most extensive project to date, taking 60 to 70 hours worth of time. I started on January 20th 2013 and completed March 9th 2013. It was made to enter into the One Ring Size contest over at M.A.I.L., didn't win but it sure was fun figuring out how to make it all work.

It's almost Halloween, the one day out of the year I can wear it.
PVC gauntlet
How do you make chain maille without metal? I used PVC pipe cut into rings.